20% of transgender people regret “gender reassignment” and their number is growing

«I needed help
head, not my body. "

The development of feminist movements gave impetus to the formation of the pseudoscientific theory of "gender", which claims that differences in interests and abilities between men and women are determined not by their biological differences, but by upbringing and stereotypes that a patriarchal society imposes on them. According to this concept, “gender” is the “psychosocial sex” of a person, which does not depend on his biological sex and does not necessarily coincide with it, in connection with which a biological man can psychologically feel himself as a woman and perform female social roles, and vice versa. Adepts of the theory call this phenomenon "transgender" and claim that it is absolutely normal. In medicine, this mental disorder is known as transsexualism (ICD-10: F64).

Needless to say, the entire “gender theory” is based on absurd unsubstantiated hypotheses and unfounded ideological postulation. It simulates the presence of knowledge in the absence of such. However, in recent years, the spread of “transgender”, especially among adolescents, has become an epidemic. It's obvious that social contamination in combination with various mental and neurological disorders, it plays an essential role in this. The number of young people willing to “change sex” has increased in recent years tenfold and reached a record level. For an unknown reason, 3/4 of them are girls.

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Appeal: Protect Russia's Scientific Sovereignty and Demographic Security

This appeal was supported by more than 50000 people, including the regional ministries of health.

The congress of Russian psychiatrists, at which ICD-11 issues were considered, took place (https://psychiatr.ru/events/833). Russian psychiatry declared war.

Dear scientists, public figures, politicians!

LGBT parades, adoption of children by same-sex couples, homosexual "marriages", self-harm "sex reassignment" operations and other similar phenomena do not start by themselves. It is an elaborate and purposeful process that begins with the depathologization of mental disorders and a change in the scientific status quo. Such paradigm shifts usually elude the public's attention, as they occur as part of specialized events in a narrow circle of people. Moving significant scientific discussions out of these narrow frameworks will help both impartial medical professionals and the whole society to defend the scientific reliability, sovereignty and demographic security of Russia.

Anyone who supported this appeal can stand between the harmful diktat of political correctness of the West and the future of Russia, protecting children and future generations from deliberate depopulation.

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The rhetoric of the LGBT movement in the light of scientific facts

This report is a thorough review of scientific evidence refuting myths and slogans promoted by LGBT activists who postulate that homosexuality is a normal, universal, innate and unchanging state. This work is not “against homosexual people” (as adherents will certainly argue false dichotomy), but rather behind them, since it focuses on the problems of a homosexual lifestyle hidden from them and the observance of their rights, in particular the right to access reliable information about their condition and related health risks, the right to have a choice and the right to receive specialized therapeutic care to get rid from this condition, if they are interested.


1) Do homosexual individuals represent 10% of the population? 
2) Are there "homosexual" individuals in the animal kingdom? 
3) Is homosexual attraction congenital? 
4) Can homosexual attraction be eliminated? 
5) Is homosexuality associated with health risks? 
6) Is hostility to homosexuality a phobia? 
7) "Homophobia" - "latent homosexuality"? 
8) Are homosexual drives and pedophilia (sex drive for children) related? 
9) Are gay rights violated? 
10) Is homosexuality linked to sexual licentiousness? 
11) Was homosexuality the norm in ancient Greece? 
12) Are there any risks for children brought up in same-sex couples? 
13) Is the “normativeness” of homosexual attraction a scientifically proven fact? 
14) Was homosexuality excluded from the list of sexual perversions by scientific consensus? 
15) Is “modern science” impartial to the issue of homosexuality?

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Is “homophobia” a phobia?

V. Lysov
E-mail: science4truth@yandex.ru
Most of the following material is published in an academic peer-reviewed journal. Modern studies of social problems, 2018; Volume 9, No.8: 66 – 87: V. Lysov: “The fallacy and subjectivity of the use of the term“ homophobia ”in scientific and public discourse”.
DOI: 10.12731/2218-7405-2018-8-66-87.

Key findings

(1) A critical attitude towards homosexuality does not meet the diagnostic criteria of a phobia as a psychopathological concept. There is no nosological concept of “homophobia”, it is a term of political rhetoric.
(2) The use of the term “homophobia” in scientific activity to denote the entire spectrum of critical attitude to same-sex activity is incorrect. The use of the term “homophobia” blurs the line between a conscious critical attitude to homosexuality based on ideological beliefs and forms of manifestation of aggression, shifting associative perception towards aggression.
(3) Researchers note that the use of the term “homophobia” is a repressive measure directed against those members of society who do not accept the consolidation of a homosexual lifestyle in society, but who do not feel hatred or unreasonable fear of homosexual individuals.
(4) In addition to cultural and civilizational beliefs, the basis for a critical attitude to same-sex activity, apparently, is behavioral immune systembiological reaction disgustdeveloped in the process of human evolution to ensure maximum sanitary and reproductive efficiency.

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Who needs gay marriage?

On 26 on June 2015, the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, requiring all states to issue marriage certificates to same-sex couples, as well as to recognize such certificates issued in other jurisdictions. However, as shown data American Institute of Public Opinion Gallup, homosexuals are in no hurry to exercise their newly acquired rights. As expected, no influx of “oppressed sex minorities” into registration authorities took place, despite the complete elimination of “discriminatory” restrictions.

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MYTH: “Homosexuals make up 10% of the population”

Most of the material below is published in an analytical report. “The rhetoric of the homosexual movement in the light of scientific facts”. doi:10.12731/978-5-907208-04-9, ISBN 978-5-907208-04-9

“1 of 10 of you is one of us”

One of the slogans of the "LGBT" movement is the assertion that the proportion of people with homosexual attraction is supposedly 10% - that is, every tenth. In reality, according to large-scale modern studies conducted in the United States and the countries of the European Union (that is, in countries where homosexuality is fully supported and protected by the state apparatus), the proportion of people who identify themselves as homosexuals varies from <1% to a maximum of 3 %.

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History of the exclusion of homosexuality from the list of psychiatric disorders

The point of view currently accepted in industrialized countries according to which homosexuality is not subject to clinical assessment is conditional and devoid of scientific credibility, because it reflects only unjustified political conformism, and not a scientifically reached conclusion.

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How LGBT scientists falsify the conclusions of research on reparative therapy

In July 2020, John Blosnich of the LGBTQ+ Health Equality Center published another research about the "danger" of reparative therapy. In a survey of 1518 members of "non-transgender sexual minorities", Blosnich's team concluded that individuals who have been subjected to attempted sexual orientation change (hereinafter referred to as SOCE*) report a higher prevalence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts than those who have not. It has been argued that SOCE is a "harmful stressor that increases sexual minority suicidality". Therefore, attempts to change orientation are unacceptable and must be replaced by an "affirmative withdrawal" that will reconcile the individual with his homosexual inclinations. The study has been called "the most compelling evidence that SOCE causes suicide".

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In Germany, prosecutors prosecute professor for criticizing gender theory

We have already wrote about the German evolutionary scientist Ulrich Kucher, who was put on trial for daring to question the pseudoscience underlying LGBT ideology and gender theory. After several years of judicial ordeals, the scientist was acquitted, but the case did not end there. The other day he told us that the prosecutor is trying to overturn the acquittal and reopen the case, this time with a different judge. Below we publish a letter sent to us by the professor. According to him, he repeatedly turned to scientific materials collected on the website of the Science for Truth group and in the book Viktor Lysov's "Rhetoric of the Homosexual Movement in the Light of Scientific Facts", which he regards as one of the most valuable resources.

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Family values ​​as an instrument of Russia's foreign policy

The article reveals the problem of protecting traditional family values ​​in the modern world. Family and family values ​​are the foundation on which society is built. Meanwhile, starting from the second half of the twentieth century, tendencies aimed at the destruction of the traditional family have been deliberately spread in some Western countries. Even before the end of the Great Patriotic War, a new war began - a demographic one. Under the influence of the thesis about the overpopulation of the Earth, methods of reducing the birth rate developed by demographers began to be introduced. In 1994, the UN International Conference on Population and Development was held, where the measures taken over the past 20 years to solve "demographic problems" were assessed. Among them were "sex education", abortion and sterilization, "gender equality". The policy of reducing the birth rate considered in the article, active propaganda of childlessness and non-traditional forms of relations contradicts the strategic interests of the Russian Federation, whose population is already rapidly declining. Russia, it seems, must resist the indicated tendencies, defending the traditional family and introducing measures to support it at the legislative level. The article proposes a number of decisions that must be made on the external and internal contour of public policy in order to protect traditional family values. By implementing this program, Russia has every chance of becoming the leader of the pro-family movement in the world.
Keywords: values, sovereignty, depopulation, fertility, foreign policy, family.

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An open letter to Rospotrebnadzor about "seksprosvet"

Project 10, which takes its name from the myth that one in ten people is homosexual, was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles. The goal of the project, according to the lesbian teacher Virginia Uribe, who founded it, is "to convince students, starting in kindergarten, to accept homosexual behavior as normal and desirable." She said that it was necessary to use state courts to force schools to spread information about homosexuality. According to her, "children should hear this, from kindergarten to high school, because the old idea of ​​talking about it in high school does not work."
She admitted: “This is a war ... As for me, there is no place for considerations of conscience. We must fight this war ".

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The LGBT sect recruits your children

The thoughts often come that there is no more strength.
If one day I can't stand it, then let you
will be our story. Maybe someone will help.
And if not, then let it remain history
one broken life and insane pain.

We were approached by a mother whose twenty-year-old son suddenly dropped out of university in his fourth year and ran away from home so that no one could prevent him from “changing sex”. It all started a couple of years ago with a conversation with a very strange girl on the Internet, who has a clear tendency to manipulation, submission and gynemimethophilia - attraction to men in women's clothing and transsexuals. The girl calls her son only "my beloved girl." There is a constant psychological influence on him and an attitude against his mother and relatives. On the instructions of the girl, the son left the city and cut off all ties with his relatives, blocking them on social networks and changing the phone number. Below we give in an abbreviated form a letter from his mother full of pain and despair.

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Anti-constitutional censorship in Russia

The Federation Council recently adopted a statement condemning unwarranted political censorship by Western digital giants. Meanwhile, their Russian counterparts - VKontakte and Yandex.Zen - censor family defenders and traditional values ​​in the same way.

Despite the amendments to the Constitution approved by the people and the government's policy of preserving morality, family and demographic security, some Russian (or no longer Russian) companies do not want to work in accordance with the Constitution and do not hesitate to violate it at the first request of their Western partners. In recent months, the most mundane things we used to take for granted have suddenly found themselves under a big question mark. We are talking about the elementary human right to freely express their thoughts - that is, freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, according to which: "Everyone has the right to freely seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information in any legal way".

So, the social network "VKontakte" began cleaning up "intolerant" publics, which included groups denouncing modern feminism and LGBT propaganda, and Yandex blocked Zen channel groups "Science for the truth».

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Kocharyan G.S. - Bisexuality and conversion therapy: a case study

Annotation. A clinical observation is given, where it is about “bisexual»To the man, and describes the conversion therapy he underwent with the use of hypnosuggative programming, which proved to be very effective.

Currently, unprecedented efforts are being made to ban the use of conversion (reparative) therapy, which is aimed at changing the homosexual orientation of sexual desire to heterosexual. She is stigmatized and declared not only useless, but also extremely harmful to the human body. So, December 7, 2016 parliament of Malta unanimously passed a law prohibiting the use of reparative therapy. For “changing, suppressing and destroying a person's sexual orientation or gender identity,” this law provides for a fine or jail time. [7] The Bundesrat (representative of the federal states of Germany) on 5 June 2020 approved a law prohibiting this therapy. Deutsche Welle reports that its implementation can be punished with imprisonment for up to one year, and advertising and mediation - a fine of up to 30 thousand euros [1]. In the US, only 18 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC, have banned conversion therapy for minors. Adults can volunteer for conversion therapy throughout the country [9]... Instagram and Facebook announced the blocking of all posts on these social networks that promote conversion therapy [8].

The assertions that conversion therapy is not only ineffective, but in all cases causes great harm to the body are false. The corresponding argumentation can be found in our articles [3; 4; 6]. Moreover, a number of our works have presented the effective use of conversion therapy [2; 5].

Here is a case from our clinical practice, where conversion therapy was very successful in correcting the direction of sexual desire in a man with bisexual preferences.

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Is homosexuality a mental disorder?

Discussion by Irving Bieber and Robert Spitzer

15 December 1973 The Board of Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association, yielding to the continued pressure of militant homosexual groups, approved a change in the official guidelines for psychiatric disorders. “Homosexuality as such,” the trustees voted, should no longer be seen as a “mental disorder”; instead, it should be defined as “violation of sexual orientation”. 

Robert Spitzer, M.D., assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University and a member of the APA nomenclature committee, and Irving Bieber, M.D., clinical professor of psychiatry at New York College of Medicine and chairman of the study committee on male homosexuality, discussed the APA's decision. What follows is an abridged version of their discussion.

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Gerard Aardweg on the psychology of homosexuality and ideological tyranny

World-renowned Dutch psychologist Gerard van den Aardweg has specialized in the study and treatment of homosexuality for most of his distinguished 50-year career. Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Association for the Study and Treatment of Homosexuality (NARTH), author of books and scientific articles, today he is one of the few specialists who dare to disclose the inconvenient reality of this topic solely from factual positions, based on objective, not distorted ideological bias data. Below is an excerpt from his report “The Normalization” of Homosexuality and Humanae Vitae ”read out at the papal conference Academy of Human Life and Family in 2018 year.

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facts that are silent by the leaders of the LGBT movement